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LOST GRAVITY have mixed their main influences into their own unique brand of heavy rock driven by memorable guitar riffs and catchy vocal melodies.


Formed in London in summer 2007 by Brazilian guitarist/vocalist Breno Val, the band has recorded and released 3 EPs: Anywhere But Home (2008), Selfish (2009) and Lost Gravity III (2012). Everything up to this point has been self-financed and self-released by Breno’s own label, Priston Records.


Originally a four piece band, they went through many line-up changes in their first few years of existence. Breno is the only original member and continues to be the creative force within the group, writing all the music and all the lyrics. His main influences are AC/DC, Metallica and Alice in Chains.


In 2011 LOST GRAVITY became a power trio, and since drummer Giuliano Kolling joined the band in 2012 the sound became much stronger and groovier. Giuliano’s main influences are Dream Theater and Rush.


Breno and Giuliano met for the first time at a Dream Theater concert at the old Astoria in London back in 2002. In the next two years that followed that first meeting, they played together in two different bands and clicked straight away.


LOST GRAVITY really come alive on stage and the chemistry between Breno and Giuliano is very evident. The band has played in and around London mainly, bringing their music to places like Guildford, Milton Keynes and Croydon. One of their main shows was at The Underworld, London , in April 2014.


After many live performances and rehearsals they finally decided that it was time to enter the studio and record their debut full length album. It took them only twelve days between January and March 2014 to complete their self-titled debut album, Lost Gravity which was releasedon the 13th of October 2014.


Breno recorded vocals, guitars and bass. Giuliano recorded drums and backing vocals.


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